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Alexa will ready your kindle book

Alexa Announcements – Broadcast to Everyone in Your Home

Using your Echo’s broadcast feature, you can ask Alexa to make announcements on all compatible Alexa enabled devices on your account, like a one-way intercom.

Have multiple devices? Make an intercom!

To set up an Echo or an Echo Show device as an intercom, you’ll be using the “Drop In” feature. Drop In is different from a voice call because it will allow you to connect to an Echo whenever you’d like. When dropping in, the person on the other end doesn’t have to answer, you connect […]

Alexa can make your home smarter

You've probably noticed an awful lot of stories about Amazon's virtual assistant Alexa -- particularly the many ways in which she can take control of the connected home. There's good reason for that. Voice control has become the smart home's gateway drug of choice, and Alexa's been right at the tip of that spear, with [...]

Funny Alexa Videos

Whether it's an Alexa parody video or funny moments interacting with Alexa, this proves that technology can be hilarious! SNL - Alexa Silver Amazon - Alexa Loses Her Voice Ellen Previews the New Alexa Backseat Driver Alexa's Involvement with the CIA

Funny Alexa Questions

Alexa has many hidden “Easter Eggs,” or hidden funny responses to things that you say. Try some of the ones that we’ve listed.

Best Family Games for Alexa

Families sitting around a dinner table all engrossed in their phones or social media… There are too many ways these days for technology to separate a family. How about some technology to bring families closer together? Here’s a collection of Amazon Skills/Games that will bring the family together around the table for some fun that […]

Alexa Skills – Helping with Chores

Are you a beleaguered parent trying to find a way to keep the kids on track with their chores? Simply call on your virtual assistant Alexa! There are a number of Alexa Skills that can help to keep track of whose turn it is to do which chore: Chore Master Stop fighting with your kids when […]

Echo Dot for Kids

Echo Dot Kids Edition is a hands-free, voice-controlled speaker with Alexa. Just ask and Alexa will play age-appropriate music, answer questions, tell stories, and more. Who doesn’t love Alexa?