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Alexa Skills – Helping with Chores


Are you a beleaguered parent trying to find a way to keep the kids on track with their chores? Simply call on your virtual assistant Alexa! There are a number of Alexa Skills that can help to keep track of whose turn it is to do which chore:

Chore Master

Stop fighting with your kids when there are chores to hand out. Ask for a random chore and make it a fun game to deliver the bad news. Just say “Alexa, open chore master” or “Alexa, give me a chore from chore master” and Alexa will suggest a chore.


Don’t push the household chores back any more! This skill will give you a random but specific household chore at a time, so that you can just do as little as one chore and be done for the day. At the end of the week or month, discover a super clean house! Just say “Alexa, ask chores picker to give me a household chore” or “Alexa, ask chores picker what should I do.”

House Tracker

House Tracker is a points-based system that keeps a running weekly total of who in the household is in the lead. If you link your account online at askhousetracker.com, you can check out the leaderboard plus view the full list of chores which have been completed, by whom plus the date & time of the chore. Example interactions are:
“Alexa, tell House Tracker I did the dishes”
“Alexa, ask house tracker who last did the dishes?”
“Alexa, ask house tracker for this week’s stats”


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